Please use your mouse to click on the red words!


√ Exercises and Dialogues √

This is a huge collection of exercises on different topics. If you do not know the answer, it is shown to you.

There is no need to print. Everything is done online.


√ More Exercises to Improve Your Grammar √

Here too you will find a very large collection of grammar exercises in various subjects and for different levels.

Use the arrows to pass from one question to another.

There are usually two answers to choose from. Good luck!

√ Great Exercises for All Levels √

On the right side of the page – you will find grammar exercises; the left contains vocabulary development exercises.

In the grammar exercises, you will find various subjects such as pronouns, prepositions, tenses, gerunds, infinitives, imperatives… and much more.

And if you want to practice vocabulary exercises (those on the left) – then here too the possibilities are vast. The exercises cover subjects such as days of the week, colors, feelings, friends, and etc.

Some of the works can be printed while others are online exercises.

Ideal for teachers who wish to have their students work online, print their work and bring to class!

By the way – even in the grammar exercises, you will be able to practice vocabulary.

Highly recommended!


√ Bravo Billionaire √

This game echoes the TV game “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”?

You can practice here the present tense and the connection between words and pictures.

Choose whether you want to play as one participant or two participants.

By clicking on those participants’ characters, you will be able to build their look.

Of course, the more difficult the questions will become, the more money you will win. However, you should start with the $10,000 question.

√ One More Bravo Billionaire √

This exercise is very similar to the other Billionaire game; here you will be able to practice prepositions.



√ A Third Bravo Billionaire √

In this game – you will get the opportunity to practice food-related words.

Play on your own or with a friend.


√ And the Last Bravo Billionaire √

In this game, you will be able to practice noun plurals.


√ Present Progressive Multiple Choice √

Click PLAY and practice Present Progressive tense.

You should build a character by adding to it glasses, hair, etc. Once it is ready – it is called a teacher.

If you answer 15 questions correctly you win, and the teacher will fall into the water. 🙂

Should you miss one question – the game will start from the beginning.


√ More Present Progressive √

This is another fun game where you can practice Present Progressive.

You need to fill in the right verb in the phrase, by moving one letter at a time and placing it below.

When you are done writing the word, you should click SUBMIT.


√ Play Sports and Learn Grammar √

This is a collection of wonderful games, where you can also find football and basketball games.

If you choose to play sports, you will need to write down your name and how many members are on your team. You will also be asked to choose the color of your team’s shirt and shoes. Lots of fun!

After replying to each question – you will be given a turn to kick the ball or throw it into a basket. 

There are additional games you can play while learning Grammar, such as:

Past Tense

Sword Fighting


and again- just a reminder:


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