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Ω Friendly Exercises Ω

These are worksheets for Passive tense.

You will need to print them out and enter the correct answer. Underneath the worksheets HERE, you will find the online practice of present and past passive, which you don’t need to print out.  

♠Interactive Games ♠

Here you will find interactive games almost on every topic in Grammar, for both beginners and advanced students. Enjoy!

♥ Preposition of Time ♥

There are many ways to learn this subject. Teachers who are looking for worksheets will be able to find some HERE. If you’d like to find games, then click HERE.

Some more fun activity – HERE

Exercises that are connected to a good Youtube movie- HERE

and a nice game- HERE

♣ Phrasal Verbs ♣:

A phrasal verb is a phrase such as “turn down” or “ran into” which combines two or three words from different grammatical categories.

On those sites, you’ll find different exercises that will clarify to you how to use some phrasal verbs. Write the explanations and later find exercises to practice.

Phrasal verbs with PUT: HERE, HERE, and HERE

Phrasal verbs with LOOK: HERE, HERE, and HERE

Phrasal verbs with TAKE: HERE, HERE, and HERE

Click HERE to find a game about Phrasal Verbs, and also HERE.

HERE you will find many links to a plethora of games about Phrasal Verbs.

Ω Learn English Tenses Ω

You need to type in your answers. You will be able to print the exercises.

Here are some direct links to some fine exercises:

Past Simple

Past Perfect Continuous 

Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive


Ω Wide-Ranging Practice Ω

On the right  – you will see grammar, and on the left – vocabulary development.

The grammar exercises are varied and include topics such as irregular verbs, conditionals, adjectives, gerunds and infinitives, modals, and much much more.

And if you choose to practice vocabulary exercises (those on the left) – then there are vast possibilities here too.

Those vocabulary exercises contain topics such as the days of the week, colors, feelings, food, friends, and many more.


Ω Exercises Suitable for Everyone Ω

An excellent practice of the verb to be.  

There are also more advanced exercises here, which are suitable for all levels.

Several possible answers are offered to you, and you need to choose only one. By clicking the arrows you will be moved to the next page.


Here are three great tables that will help you understand grammar in a visual way.

Each table gives you characteristics and examples in a different way:

√  English Tenses √ (next to the table you will also find tests and exercises)

√ More English Tenses √

Ω A great short article with exercises Ω

You will find here a news article about the new product Apple is selling.

Notice, teachers! This is a great homework assignment to give to students.

The page has also many exercises to enrich your vocabulary and develop grammar and text understanding.

Ω Jeopardy. An excellent game for individuals and groups Ω

Here you will practice past simple, with irregular verbs.

Click on the word NEXT to select how many participants you would like to have in the game. (If you play on your own, then you would like to have two participants only).

Select the characters you would like to participate in the game by clicking the arrows.

Click the numbers in front of you; behind each number, there is a question.

The number 400, for instance, represents a question that is more difficult than the number 100, and so on.

Play and have lots of fun.


Ω One More Jeopardy Ω

Practice present, past, and future tenses.

Look at the instructions I wrote here for the first Jeopardy.

The format is the same, but the questions are different.

Play and enjoy!

♥And one more Jeopardy HERE♥

Play more, and enjoy!

Here are more recommended games:

What Are They Doing?   ♥     

Susan’s Day ♥  ♥  ♥ 

Ω Play Sports and Learn Grammar Ω

This is a collection of wonderful games, where you can also find football and basketball games.

If you choose to play sports, yyou willneed to write down your name and how many members are in your team. You will also be asked to choose the color of your team’s shirt and shoes. Lots of good time!

After replying to each question – you will be given a turn to kick the ball or throw it into a basket. 

There are additional games you can play while learning Grammar, such as:

Past Tense

Sword Fighting


and yet again-




Adjectives Plus Preposition Quiz

Type-in the answers and check yourself. 



Ω Exercises for All Levels. A Rich Variety Ω

One of my favorite collection of exercises. You will find here various exercises for different levels, from beginning to very advanced. 

Type-in your answer, and later check yourself.


Ω Singular and Plural – A Fun Game Ω

This is a memory game that will help you to practice singular and plural.

If you click START OVER, you will be able to start the game from the beginning.

Click SHOW ANSWERS and you will be able to see if you were right or wrong.


Comics are a GREAT WAY to learn English.

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