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Spelling City

In Spelling City there are many games that aim to teach us how to write English with no spelling errors. For instance, in Speedy Speller you should write every word you hear. After writing the word, click ENTER. When you finish typing ten words, you may replay the game or go to other games. The faster you type, the better it is, as this game takes scores.

Click on PLAY ANOTHER GAME to view the list of all the games.

Recommended games:

A Word Definition – You are asked here to click on the word that defines the sentence that shows up.

After finding out the correct word, click NEXT and move to the next word.

– In this game, you should match the words to the sentences. Once you click the correct circles, the computer stretches a line between the words and the sentences.

Sentence Unscramble – You should bring the letters from the top into the blue rectangle, in order to compose a correct sentence.

There are more interesting games in this Spelling City. Try them all!

Pay attention, teachers!

This is a great game for classwork or homework, as all those games are printable.

♦ Easy World of English – EWE ♦

This is a great site. It offers a picture dictionary, Grammar, Pronunciation, and the option to read different short stories.

You will find there three levels, and you are welcome to use them all.

In Grammar- there are also free quizzes. Teachers can print and use them in the classroom.

♠ Diary of a Wimpy Kid ♠

I haven’t found any Wimpy Kid game, but here is a chance to read the popular book on the Internet.

The novel was written by Jeff Kinney.

Click NEXT to go to the next page and BACK to go back.


♠ Body Parts Matching Game ♠

Click PLAY.

There are pictures and words hidden inside those squares. Match them by clicking on the squares.

Once you finish one level, you will start the next one by clicking CONTINUE. You will get points for your effort.

♠ Life in the U.K (the United Kingdom) ♠

There is a nice collection of stories here about life in England/ United Kingdom.

At the end of every story, there is an option to write a comment.

The topics are books, entertainment, fashion, life around the world, music, science, technology, and sport.

Highly recommended. Very young and fresh. 

♠ Geography Game – the map of USA ♠

You will find several games here, including states in the USA, state capitals, and landscape.

This is a very good source to not only learn geography but also a source for correct pronunciation.

Click PLAY and start.

♥More Interactive Map Games – USA♥

Here you will find numerous map games, all fun.

♠ Geography Game – the map of Europe ♠

Click PLAY to start playing.

Watch for the country name and then click on it on the map.

Should you be wrong, the right answer will pop up, so remember it for next time.

You will receive points for both your right and wrong answers.

♠ Games Galore ♠

Here you will find many games.

These games are suitable for students who can read well and want to improve their vocabulary.

Here are some direct links to recommended games:

Fast English

Fast Phrases



♠ Do You Travel? 

This site offers a practical collection of exercises for travelers.

How to make a conversation during a flight; How to order a meal in a restaurant; What common terms should you use when booking a room in a hotel? Those topics and more, are being practiced through short fun exercises.

Click on the subject you would like to practice and answer the questions.

You will be able to check how accurate you were, at the end of each activity.


♠ Vocabulary Enrichment Exercises – for Different Levels ♠

All the exercises are highly recommended, but I think you’ll especially love the exercises listed under Vocabulary – Easy with Pictures.

There you will find topics such as nouns, verbs, sports, the human body, and more. You should try them all.

They are very friendly and accompanied by nice pictures. If you make a mistake – they will show you the correct answer.



♠ A Picture Dictionary 

Look at the exercises in the left column.

You will find there Flash Cards, where you can print images and words; Word Scramble, where you need to arrange the words correctly; Fill-in-the-Blank, where you need to complete the missing letters; and much more.


♠ Puzzles and Riddles ♠

Here you will find Crosswords, Hangman, Sudoku, Jigsaw Puzzles, and much more. Some puzzles are not meant to teach you English.

Here are games where you can practice your English:

Word Puzzles

Words & Numbers


♠ A Collection of Interactive Exercises. Various Levels ♠

This is a vast collection of online exercises, on topics such as sports, food, movies, geography, clothing, occupations, money … and grammar.

Four answers are given to you, and you should mark the correct answer. At the end of each exercise, you will be getting your score.

Highly recommended!


♠ A Huge Collection of Interactive Games – Suitable for All Levels ♠

Here is an excellent pool of games.

Start with the second from the top left ( written in red);  it is called English Word Recognition Game.

You need to go with the arrows and choose how many cards you want to play with (recommended: 24).

Then select a topic, such as animals, food, body parts, etc.

Later on, switch to other exercises. Have fun!


♠ Many Games for the Intermediate Level ♠

Here you can practice words on topics such as clothing, vegetables, family, fruits, and insects.

The games include – word search, word match, scrambled words, memory games, and more.

♠ The Magic School Bus ♠

Good knowledge of the English language is required to play the famous magic bus game.

Choose where you would like the bus to take you  – into space? On earth? Or to the sea? and start having fun!

♠ Various Games: Label It ♠

Here is a page filled with games. Do not look at the ones in the middle, but the ones on the right, under the title LABELING GAMES.

Click on any game you wish.

In each game, you will be asked to label objects, by moving words towards objects. When you are done, click SUBMIT.

An awesome way to learn new words!


♠ Interesting and Fun ♠

Here you can learn about sports, animals, the arts, and even business. Each link will bring you to a variety of questions; you should type the answers.

A pool of words is offered to you. You will be able to store words. It is also possible to request the right answer. Incredibly interesting!

Best suited for intermediate level and above!


♠ Can You Beat the Hangman? ♠

You should choose subjects from the list written on the left. There are six options to try from in every game.

You would better start with the vowels (A, O, U, I, E), as every word contains those. 

You don’t want this little man to be hung, do you? 🙂



♠ Bravo Billionaire ♠

This game echoes the TV game “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”?

You can practice here countries and flags. Choose whether you want to play as one participant or two participants.

By clicking on those participants’ characters you will be able to build their look.

Of course, the more difficult the questions will become, the more money you will win. However, you should start with the $10,000 question, and go up.


♠ One more Bravo Billionaire ♠

The game is built like the previous game; here you will be able to practice countries and nationalities.


♠ The Beatles Songs ♠

Learn English through The Beatles songs.

Some of the songs’ words are written; others are missing. One should find them in the word pool placed on the bottom.

It is possible to print the words and then try to find the missing ones.

This link is particularly great for teachers! After teaching the Beatles songs using a site such as YouTube, for instance, it is possible to go to this link; have the students print those songs at home, and give them homework.

♠ Musical Words ♠

Click on words to create sentences. Every word will sing itself.

This link is particularly suitable for teachers or parents who teach their kids English since this game will not correct your errors.

Teacher or parent, however, will be able to guide the students and show them how to form correct sentences.

Great for a class group work!

♠ More Musical Words ♠

More words that sing themselves very much like the previous link. You will find here different words.

Here too, teachers and parents can guide the students and show them how to build correct sentences.

♠ Throw a Lasso ♠

This is a fun game! Find one word and throw a lasso to catch it.

Click on the word START and then on the word CONTINUE. Start playing.

If you do not find the word quickly enough, the first letter of the word will jump in front of you.

When you finish, you click on the words NEW GAME on the left, and a new set of words will be shown to you.


Comics are a GREAT WAY to learn English.

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