Please use your mouse to click on the red words:


♦ A memory game for beginners ♦

This game is great for beginning readers and writers.

Click START and the game will begin.

Click on the blue squares and the letters of the ABC will show up. You will need to remember the letters in order to match the capital letters with the lowercase ones.

So if you happen to click on a capital G, for instance, click right after on its match, a lowercase g, and so on.

Have fun!




♦ The Food Game ♦

Click PLAY to start playing this fun game.

What you should do in this game is to sort and put inside the HEALTHY basket, foods that are healthy for you (such as lettuce or cherry), and put inside the UNHEALTHY basket, foods that aren’t that good for you.

You should act fast, as you are getting points.

♦ Sushi Spell ♦

Click START.

You have two minutes to find words in the moving sushi belt.

Drag the letters to the white circles to form a word.

Click SUBMIT after each word, or CLEAR if you change your mind. (Each click will delete one letter).

You will get points for your accomplishment.


♦ The Animal Game ♦

Click PLAY to start playing this game.

What you need to do is using your mouse to drag animals to their basket, before time runs out.

There are four baskets there: Mammals (= a class of warm-blooded vertebrate animals),

Reptiles (cold-blooded scaly vertebrate animals),

Amphibians (land animals that breed in water), and Birds.

Body Parts Matching Game and many more games

Click START on the bottom right side, and then click the dice that’s placed on the top left side.

The frog will jump around and will stop somewhere. This is when you’ll be asked a question. Submit if you think you have the correct answer.

On the bottom of this nice game, you’ll see more games: Transportation, Time and Routines, School Supplies, and Numbers from 11 to 100.

There are more interesting and practical games there. You should click the arrows. Play them all and enjoy.


♦ Wonderful Games ♦

The games teach you about animals, numbers, vegetables, fruits, and much more.

It is necessary to hear all the words, and only then click PLAY to start playing. You can choose to have the game with or without sound.

Here are some direct links to the games:


numbers (from 1 to 12)

numbers (from 13 to 20)

numbers (from 10 to 100)


general vocabulary





♦ Interactive Memory Game of Rhymes ♦

You need to find two cards that rhyme. For example, rail and tail.

The images are cheerful, and on the back of the cards, you will find the most loveable giant red dog, Clifford.

(More games and stories about Clifford – Later …)

♦ Vocabulary Enrichment Exercises – for All Levels ♦

All the exercises are highly recommended, but I think you’ll especially love the exercises listed under Vocabulary – Easy with pictures.

You will find topics such as nouns, verbs, sports, the human body, and more. You should try them all.

They are very friendly, and accompanied by nice pictures. If you make a mistake – they will show you the correct answer.


♦ A Picture Dictionary ♦

Look at the exercises in the left column.

You will find there Flash Cards, where you can print images and words; Word Scramble, where you need to arrange the words correctly; Fill-in-the-Blank, where you need to complete the missing letters; and much more.

♦ Games Galore 

Here you will find many fun games.



♦ A Collection of Interactive Exercises. Various Levels ♦

This is a vast collection of online exercises, on topics such as sports, food, movies, geography, clothing, occupations, money … and grammar.

Four answers are given to you, and you should mark the correct answer. At the end of each exercise, you will be getting your score.

Highly recommended!

♦ Interactive Memory Games ♦

Each subject will bring you a lovely machine with various memory games.

Click on the top row and then on the bottom one and try to remember the correspondence between words and image. Real fun!

Suitable for both a beginning and intermediate level.



♦ Match the Letters ♦

A Clifford game again. Here you should find words which start with a specific letter, and arrange all the words in boxes.

♦ Fun Games 

Food, animals, days of the week, months, numbers, and other various topics – all through fun games. You will love it!

♦ Spin the Wheel 

Games are ranged From the beginning to intermediate level.

It’s a lot of fun! You spin the wheel and answer the questions. Should you choose to have two or more players – they each take turns.

At the beginning of the game, you can select how your players will look like by clicking on them.

The first exercises is the easiest and the following ones are more difficult.

♦ Emily Elizabeth and Clifford ♦

On the left – there are stories, and on the right – there are games. All of them are about Clifford, our favorite red dog, and his girlfriend, Emily Elizabeth.

You can hear the story while reading it. When you click on the words given to you, the story changes. There is no one right answer. All of them are correct! Try them all to learn the meanings of words!

Here are direct links to the games:

Match a Picture to Its Sound

Put Words in Boxes


A Playing Card Game (you should match the sound of the word’s middle section)

Direct links to stories:

Emily Elizabeth Goes to School

Here, Clifford

Clifford’s Big Dig

Where is Emily?

♦ Learn the ABC ♦

Learn the ABC in a dynamic and interactive fun way. Enjoy!


♦ Learn to Read ♦

Play fun games and read stories that will teach you how to read correctly. A great fun!

Do not forget to click on the word MORE, which shows in the top right side in red.

Under MORE you will be able to clean the planet, create a calendar, write a card to your grandparents, and more interesting tasks.



♦ Interesting Stories and Exercises ♦

If your reading needs some more practice, it is recommended to read together with teachers and parents.  

All the stories are interactive and interesting. 

Here are some direct links (but there are more):

Who Am I? – an interactive personal exercise

Magic Trick

Stories About Famous Artists

♦ Can You Read Already? Here Are Some Charming Stories ♦

Clicking on any picture in the story, will make it animated.

There are six series of stories; in each series only the first story can be told to you out loud.

The rest – you should read on your own.



♣ Great Fun Games ♣

You are going to find here many games, such as Bingo, puzzles, and even math games.

For English learners, the most recommended are the Months Game, the Days of the Week Game, and any game that has to do with the Alphabet.



♦ Diverse Games ♦

Here is a page filled with games. Do not look at the ones in the middle, but the ones on the right, under the title LABELING GAMES.

Click on any game you wish.

In each game you will be asked to label objects, by moving words towards objects. When you are done click SUBMIT.

An awesome way to learn new words.

♦ How the Alpha Bet Got Its Order? ♦

This is a nice little animation movie. It uses a language that may be too complicated for the beginning level student. Watch the movie with teachers or parents.



♦ Old MacDonald ♦

Follow the link to listen to the famous song about the old man MacDonald. You will be able to print a small booklet with pictures and lyrics.

♦ Singular and Plural ♦

Do you already know how to say cat in plural? and what about fish? Or dress?

Here are some nice memory card games that teach you how to do it.


♦ Jeopardy – An Excellent Game for Individuals and Groups ♦

In this game, you will practice animals, fruits, colors, and numbers.

Decide how many participants you would like to have in the game, click NEXT several times and begin to answer the questions.

Of course, difficult questions are worth more points.

Get some help from parents and teachers if you are at a beginning level.

Pay attention: you can choose the characters you like to participate in the game, by clicking on the characters shown on the left.


♦ Another Jeopardy 

Another fun game for both individuals and groups. Here you can practice activities, hobbies and the sports.


♦ Throw a Lasso ♦

This is a fun game! Find one word and throw a lasso to catch it.

Click on the word START and then on the word CONTINUE. Start playing.

If you do not find the word quickly enough, the first letter of the word will jump in front of you.

When you’re finished, you click on the words NEW GAME on the left, and a new set of words will be shown to you.

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