Please use your mouse to click on the red words.

When it’s a video, you can click directly on the video.  

♣ EWE – Reading ♣  

This is a highly recommended site, which I’ve already mentioned in another place.

Every short story here is also presented as an audio story. You can read and listen at the same time. If you don’t have FLASH, the system may ask you if you’d like to use it. Click on it, and a window will open up. In this small window, you’ll be able to listen to the audio story.

♣ Radio- Audio Drama ♣  

Here you will be able to listen to a wide range of radio dramas, such as Around the World in 80 Days, Dracula, or Casablanca.  


♥ Audiobooks ♥

Were you asked to do a book report?

You will need to either go to your nearby library or click and get to this great audiobook read-along space.

Here you will find books such as The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros; Towards Zero, by Agatha Christie; The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and many more.


♣ Great Songs. Sing Along ♣  

Here you’ll be able to sing together with Johnny Cash, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, and many more. Enjoy yourself.


◊Audio Short Stories◊

This site is a great source for audio short stories which come together with text. In order to strengthen your listening skills, it is very important that you follow the text while listening to the words.

take a look at more similar sites here:

For novels – HERE

Download a memoir for free – HERE

Short videos with subtitles (mainly for kids) – HERE


◊ Learn English Through the Beatles’ Songs ◊

This is a great site to learn English through the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. You watch the song’s video, learn the words, and fill in the missing words.

Love the Beatles songs? Then go HERE, to find worksheets about the Beatles; go HERE to find 5 more songs of the Beatles for English learners, and HERE to find both worksheets and short videos with songs.

Enjoy the music!      

♥ American English Pronunciation ♥

How do you pronounce 40 and 14? How do you pronounce best and vest?

Here you can practice how to say specific English words correctly. 

Click the lessons on the left; click the blue star; listen to the Practice on the top and then click on the blue words LISTEN, THEN CHOOSE.

On the right side of the first page – there are dozens of links to videos, where you can repeat different words in English.

Suitable for all levels.

♦ Learn English Through Video Shorts ♦

This collection of clips will improve your comprehension skills. They are from recent movies.

Click on each segment; watch and listen, and then answer the questions below.

Very entertaining!

Here are some direct links to short clips of dramatic films:

Adventureland                                    Away we Go

Bolt                                                        Moonrise Kingdom                            Tinker Tailor Soldier

Chronicle (2011)                              The Avengers

The Great Gatsby                                         

The Tenenbaums


Here are direct links to some clips from The Simpsons:

Clip 1           Clip 2           Clip 3

Clip 4           Clip 5           Clip 6

You can also watch trailers of known films

Right Here

and trailers of more films

Right Here

Have a great time listening, watching and learning English!

♥ Stories From Around the World  ♥

Here you can read many stories from all over the world, written by young adults.

Jeff from Canada tells you what not to pack when you travel the world; John from Denmark writes what the teens in his country like to do in their free time, and Samir from Sweden will tell you about his goals in life. Every story is also written and spoken.

The site is interesting and very informative.

A great source for advanced students!

♥ Words and Their Stories ♥

Articles and stories galore from The Voice of America.

Each article is accompanied by photos, playback section, and of course a reading section.

The covered topics are economics, health, education, people in America, the Internet, and more.

Highly recommended!

A Vocabulary Learning Platform ♥

This is one of the best online practice for the ESL student!

There are many groups of words to learn, and new groups are added periodically. Click on any group to see pictures and hear how to pronounce the word. After learning the words, you click Match-Up 1, Match-Up 2 (on the top) and etc. You will need to match between words and pictures, and/or write down the words you learn. Click COMPLETE when you are done, and you will be getting your score.

Among others you will be able to learn: the five senses, family, food, the human body, countries, planets, and much much more.

This is a fun and enjoyable way to learning English, since you practice each word many times in many diverse formats.

♥ Easy Conversations ♥

This site is suitable for the beginning student or intermediate.

Here there are short and nice conversations you can listen to and read.

The topics includes: school, sports, professions, shopping, and more.

Click on the desired topic and open a list of additional topics.

Click on the arrow on the bottom (MENU) to go to the next story. Click the top arrows to listen to the stories.

The site will develop your listening and understanding skills. Too bad there are no questions and answers there for a more complete practice.


♣ ESL Fast. An online resource ♣

This is a great resource for English lessons, suitable for the beginner student, as well as the intermediate and advanced one.


♥ Animals in Africa ♥

This is an excellent video movie about animals in Africa.

It is suitable for intermediate level. You already need to know how to read well and be familiar with sentence structure.

It is recommended that beginning level students will watch the video with parents or teachers.

 A Funny Video

It is hard to pronounce words in English, isn’t it?

Watch a French guy coming to America and attempts to pronounce English with an American accent.

The short segment is from the American comedy Pink Panther.

♥ How to Give Directions? ♥

A great written and spoken segment.

Very practical.


 ♥ Grocery Shopping in English ♥

One more written and spoken segment in the same series.

Learn how to buy grocery in a supermarket.

Advanced level!

Comics are a GREAT WAY to learn English.

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