Watching the video and audio clips will improve your English. No doubt.

Great for students, parents, and teachers!

Use your mouse to click on the red words:

You can also click directly on the YouTube videos.


♣ Like to

Learn how to use the words LIKE TO in a question.

Learn also how to answer those questions.

This is a fun video for beginners.

♣ Listen and Watch ♣

This is the site of the British Council.

This is the video and short stories zone of the site. Explore the whole site. It’s great!

On the right – you will be able to find a large variety of topics, written alphabetically.

Click and Enjoy.

♣English Speaking Basics♣ 

Here you will find 30 lessons for beginners. Click on the different audio pieces and learn how to use “I’d rather…”, “I feel like…”, I was about to…” and many more.

There are also more levels in this site; HERE you will find audio pieces for level 2, and HERE you will find level 3.


♣1600 Free Short Stories♣ 

Here you will find many nice stories.

Those are great for beginners who want to listen to the English language and repeat what they hear. Great for learning how to pronounce words, and to follow short plots.

♣Slide Shows That Speak to You♣

You will find here many slide shows about many subjects. Click on any subject you want to learn (or teach) and start the slide show.

There are many ways to say hello in English.

Here you will learn how to greet people in a variety of situations.

Read and learn those greetings, while you also listen to them by clicking on the green circles.

Greetings in Passing

Greetings before a Conversation

Greetings in Business

Greetings at a Party or Social Event

Greetings and Conversations in a Friend’s Home


♣ 365 Short Stories ♣

There are 365 stories here on diverse topics, such as shopping, food, or your laundry day… While you listen to any story here, you can also follow the written text. 

When you finish reading and listening to the stories, you will have the opportunity to answer questions, learn new vocabulary, etc.

Very interesting!


♣ Mother Goose Rhymes ♣

Old-fashioned rhymes, great for class work in groups, but also for individuals who want to learn English by memorizing famous rhymes.

Some of them are very well-known, such as Humpty Dumpty, or The Itsi Bitsi Spider. You can also watch them on YouTube, in order to make your learning experience complete.

Use the arrows to move between the different rhymes.

An excellent method of learning English!



♣ Printout Rhymes ♣

More fun rhymes that are meant to be printed.

The rhymes are accompanied by beautiful illustrations. After printing them you can color them and keep in a folder.

Here are direct links to some of them:

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Baa, Baa Black Sheep

Three Blind Mice

But you definitely want to read and learn all of them.

♣ Nursery Rhymes and History ♣

In this collection of rhymes, you will find interesting explanations about each rhyme and its history.

This is an excellent link for teachers who want not only to teach the rhymes but also to go deeper and explain their background.

Click NEXT to go from one rhyme to another.

♣ American English Pronunciation ♣

How do you pronounce 40 and 14? How do you pronounce best and vest?

Here you can practice how to say specific English words correctly. 

Click the lessons on the left; click the blue star; listen to the Practice on the top and then click on the blue words LISTEN, THEN CHOOSE.

On the right side of the first page – there are dozens of links to videos, where you can repeat different words in English.

Suitable for all levels.


♣ Learn English through YouTube ♣

There are many YouTube movies that can be used to learn English.

Here are some of them:

 ♣ People Descriptions ♣

Here you will learn descriptions of people in a very upbeat and colorful way.


Learn the ABC

Learn the ABC through a fun video.

♣ How Would You Introduce Yourself? ♣

Here is an introduction conversation in an animated movie.

♣ The Calendar Song ♣

Watch and listen to a fun music video that sings about ice cream, the days of the week, and the months.

♣ Daily Routines ♣

This is a good movie that teaches you about daily activities.

There are pictures, written words, and an announcer who asks you to repeat what she says.

♣ Job & Occupation Song ♣

This is a great jazzy song that teaches you about jobs and occupations.

You will have a good time singing it.

Comics are a GREAT WAY to learn English.

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